Eva Stolz

Eva Stolz_neu

Hey guys!

My name is Eva Stolz and I’m a 21 years old girl from Stuttgart.

Last year I joined the ELSA Law School team and I just had a fantastic week full of exciting academic and fun social program with extraordinary people. That’s my motivation to participate once again in this year’s organisational team. Since I’m already in my 6th semester with my exams right ahead of myself, I’ll mainly be supporting the team with my experiences from last year, prior organisational experiences and with the fundraising department.

Ever since I came to Mannheim three years ago to study law, I’ve spent a lot of time volunteering in all kinds of initiatives. One of them is the culture AStA and their party team which got me involved. We are responsible to make sure that every week, the students had a great time relaxing and partying after a hard week of work at the famous “Schneckenhof” – parties. Due to that experience, I claim to be an expert on everything concerning parties and drinks and I know how to make use of my connections to make sure you have a great time while your stay in Mannheim/Frankfurt as Assistant for Fundraising.

I hope you will get to enjoy your time at ELSA Summer Law School on Banking & Finance as we did the last year.
I’m looking forward to welcoming you once more this summer!