Michael Reichel

Michael Reichel


My name is Michael Reichel and I am currently 21 years old and studying law in my seventh semester at the Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main. As it happens I was also born and raised close to Frankfurt.

Having been part of ELSA Frankfurt and the ELSA Network in general and being an active member for quite some time now, I decided that I wanted to organise this years’ ELSA Summer Law School on Banking and Finance. This is why, together with Sabrina, I am the Head of the Organising Committee.

Having been part of ELSA and organising many events, and even being part of the Law School in 2016, as the Vice President for Seminars & Conferences at Frankfurt, it was always my dream to finally be in charge of the organisation of an ELSA Law School. So, this year is really special for me, and I hope that our Organising Committee will make it an unforgettable and special event for all of you as well.

As I was part of the Law School in 2016, I have already gained some experience about what to do and what not, and can now help my team in organising this experience for you.  As Sabrina is mostly responsible for everything concerning Mannheim, I will be mostly responsible for everything in Frankfurt.

As Head of the Organising Committee it is mostly my role to support and overlook everyone and everything and always keep the bigger picture in mind, that is to have the best and most pleasant week for you.

Concerning my hobbies, I am interested in and curious about a lot of things and always like to try out lots of new things. Mostly I like to do sports (I even did some medieval fencing for quite some time) and reading and of course ELSA. What I especially like about ELSA is, that you always meet so many new people and get along great with everyone.

So, I am really looking forward to meeting you all this Summer.