Alisha Morell

Alisha Morell


my name is Alisha Morell. I’m 20 years old and last year I moved from a small town in Baden-Württemberg to Langen in Hessen to study in the exciting and multilayered city of Frankfurt am Main.

I’ve never organized or even participated in an ELSA Law School before. But motivated by my activities as Director for Digitalization in my local group since last year, I decided to collect the experience of being part of the organization-committee of a Law School, which is fortunately in our city, and getting to know interesting people from different countries and areas.

My current tasks as a Director also included the coordination of our annual Christmas celebration and waffle booth. In association with that – and because I like food – I applied for the task of planning the catering. As „Assistant for Catering “ I want to choose restaurants that are worth seeing and hopefully provide a taste-adventure for everyone. But my main aim is, that nobody will be hungry or thirsty, but instead everybody is satisfied and full of energy for our upcoming events.

I hope you have a good time with our ELSA Summer Law School on Banking and Finance! I’m looking forward to meeting you this summer!