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ELSA Summer Law School on Banking & Finance is a project of ELSA Frankfurt and ELSA Mannheim.

For anything related to ELSA Summer Law School on Banking & Finance, please contact the Organising Committee (OC) via

Sabrina Brümmer_neu

Hi, I’m Sabrina Brümmer. Four semesters ago I left the beautiful and idyllic Eastern Friesland to Mannheim to study law and economics.

Since the beginning of my studies I have been a member of ELSA, responsible for STEP on the current board of directors and now have the honour to be Head of the Organising Committee of the fourth edition of our successful ELSA Summer Law School Banking and Finance. I’m in charge of everything regarding the organisation – so if something goes wrong, just let me know!

I am looking forward to having a fantastic week with you this summer!

Michael Reichel


My name is Michael Reichel and I am currently 21 years old and studying law in my seventh semester at the Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main. As it happens I was also born and raised close to Frankfurt.

Having been part of ELSA Frankfurt and the ELSA Network in general and being an active member for quite some time now, I decided that I wanted to organise this years’ ELSA Summer Law School on Banking and Finance. This is why, together with Sabrina, I am the Head of the Organising Committee.

Having been part of ELSA and organising many events, and even being part of the Law School in 2016, as the Vice President for Seminars & Conferences at Frankfurt, it was always my dream to finally be in charge of the organisation of an ELSA Law School. So, this year is really special for me, and I hope that our Organising Committee will make it an unforgettable and special event for all of you as well.

As I was part of the Law School in 2016, I have already gained some experience about what to do and what not, and can now help my team in organising this experience for you.  As Sabrina is mostly responsible for everything concerning Mannheim, I will be mostly responsible for everything in Frankfurt.

As Head of the Organising Committee it is mostly my role to support and overlook everyone and everything and always keep the bigger picture in mind, that is to have the best and most pleasant week for you.

Concerning my hobbies, I am interested in and curious about a lot of things and always like to try out lots of new things. Mostly I like to do sports (I even did some medieval fencing for quite some time) and reading and of course ELSA. What I especially like about ELSA is, that you always meet so many new people and get along great with everyone.

So, I am really looking forward to meeting you all this Summer.

Johannes Zimmermann


My name is Johannes, I’m 21 years old and the Head of Finance of the ELSA Summer Law School on Banking & Finance 2018. I’m responsible for everything around the financial aspects, so that our law school doesn’t turn into a financial disaster. Together with my colleague Isabell, I always keep a close eye on our budgets and make sure, that my colleagues of the other divisions can fully concentrate on their topics in accordance with our financial opportunities.

Born and grown up in the South of Germany, I’ve been studying Law and Economics in Mannheim since 2016.

Joining ELSA about one year ago, this is the first larger ELSA project I support. I’m really looking forward to taking part in this event and to achieve a contribution to its success.

See you in summer of 2018!

Isabell Hechtberger

Hey everybody,

My name is Isabell Hechtberger and I’m 21 years old.
I am currently studying law and economics in the third semester in Mannheim.

And this semester I decided to accept a new challenge:
I am in charge of the financial area in the organization committee of this years ELSA Summer Law School in Mannheim and Frankfurt.

Since I went to a school that offers classes in economy, I became interested in economic and financial issues. The combination with legal questions is a unique chance of gaining knowledge for my potential future career.

Therefore, I am very thankful to take a lot of practical experience and meet so many interesting people while being part of that great event.

Florian Meyer

Hey, everyone!

My name is Florian Meyer. I am 20 years old and member of the Organising Committee of the ELSA Summer Law School on Banking & Finance. I am mostly working relating to the academic programme. I come from a small town in the near of Hanover (in the north of  Germany) and have studied law in Mannheim since September 2016.

I look forward to a great Law School and hope that you will enjoy it  as much as we, the members of the Organising Committee, do.

Eva Stolz_neu

Hey guys!

My name is Eva Stolz and I’m a 21 years old girl from Stuttgart.

Last year I joined the ELSA Law School team and I just had a fantastic week full of exciting academic and fun social program with extraordinary people. That’s my motivation to participate once again in this year’s organisational team. Since I’m already in my 6th semester with my exams right ahead of myself, I’ll mainly be supporting the team with my experiences from last year, prior organisational experiences and with the fundraising department.

Ever since I came to Mannheim three years ago to study law, I’ve spent a lot of time volunteering in all kinds of initiatives. One of them is the culture AStA and their party team which got me involved. We are responsible to make sure that every week, the students had a great time relaxing and partying after a hard week of work at the famous “Schneckenhof” – parties. Due to that experience, I claim to be an expert on everything concerning parties and drinks and I know how to make use of my connections to make sure you have a great time while your stay in Mannheim/Frankfurt as Assistant for Fundraising.

I hope you will get to enjoy your time at ELSA Summer Law School on Banking & Finance as we did the last year.
I’m looking forward to welcoming you once more this summer!



my name is Nina Weißenbruch. I am 21 years old and a law student at Heidelberg University. In my spare time, I

am a board member of ELSA Heidelberg with the responsibility for the international traineeship program (Vice President for STEP). ELSA Summer Law School on Banking & Finance 2018 is going to be my first law school as a member of the organising committee and I am excited to take up that new challenge.

As the only organising committee member coming from Heidelberg, I am very pleased to welcome all of you in that beautiful city. Talking about welcoming you – that actually is, what I will do: As the Assistant for Participant Management of the ELSA Summer Law School on Banking & Finance 2018, I am in charge for making your summer law school experience as convenient as possible. My many years’ experience in leading youth group trips will hopefully help me to make your stay unforgettable and provide everything you need.

It´s my assignment and pleasure to be your contact person, not only during summer law school, but also in advance. No matter what kind of questions or concerns you might have, always feel free to ask.

I am sure that we are going to have a very good time together and I am definitively looking forward to all of your applications and even more to your arrival in Germany, where I can finally welcome you in person. Best wishes to all of you, also on behalf of ELSA Heidelberg!

David Gaida

My name is David Gaida. I am 24 years old and a German with a Polish background (although I consider myself as a Pole with a German background). I came to Frankfurt when I was 6 years old and am now studying in this beautiful capital of the European market. Last year I had the possibility to visit two ELSA Summer Law Schools, one on International Tax Law in Krakow and one on Maritime Law in Malta. Both summer law schools were a great experience. They were the reason, why I decided to become a member of the OC for next edition of the ELSA Summer Law School on “Banking & Finance”.

I am responsible for the Social Programme in Frankfurt/Main. This means that I will make you experience the great flair of our “bank town” with many clubs and bars. Also, you will know a lot more about this town after July and you will come back for sure. Still, the most important thing for me is, you finding many new friends during the summer law school. The social programme is the key element for creating a network of law students. The summer law school is the best possibility to meet new people and to learn a lot about an interesting topic. And yeah, the Gala Ball will be awesome, trust me!

Regarding my hobbies and interests, I am a music journalist. Music is an essential part of my life, visiting concerts, interviewing musicians and writing reviews is my daily routine. I am also an active member of ELSA Frankfurt am Main, being the Director for Press (guess what…) at our local group.  Also I am a big fan of tax law, politics and Star Wars.

I will try to make the Social Programme during this ELSA Summer Law School unforgettable. See you soon in Frankfurt, Mannheim and Heidelberg!

Vanessa Wüllner

Hey everyone,

My name is Vanessa, I’m 20 years old and super excited to have the honour of assisting in this year’s Summer Law School on Banking and Finance again. As I got to experience last year’s edition, I did not want to miss out on the chance of being a part of this law school for a second time.

Currently, I am in my second year at Mannheim University which is why I am going to be responsible for the social program there as well as in Heidelberg (where I have also lived for 2.5 years). So, if you want to know anything about the activities, events and nightlife of those two cities, don’t hesitate to ask me!

In my local ELSA group I am part of the board as Vice President for Marketing which has been a thorough enrichment so far motivating me to get involved in ELSA even more.

I will do my best to ensure that every one of you is going to have an amazing experience taking part in the ELSA Summer Law School on Banking and Finance. Thus, see you in summer!

Nico Linde

My name is Nico Linde, I am 22 years old and currently Vice President for Marketing at ELSA Frankfurt am Main, member of the Marketing-Team of the German National Board and, as a member of the organizing committee, Assistant for Marketing.

It is my job to design brochures and flyers, to manage our Facebook page and more generally to provide important information for our participants.

Laura Prosen


my name is Laura Prosen, I’m a 19-year-old girl from Southern Germany. Since I am in my first year of university, this will be my first ELSA Summer Law School as well. Yet, I am thrilled to be a part of it and experience this interesting time together with you!

Together with Nico, I am in charge of the marketing activities. We want to ensure that this ELSA Summer Law School is communicated accordingly. We will try to capture our time spent together and make sure, people from all over the world can keep track of it. What better way to do that would there be besides taking lots and lots of photos and videos and sharing them throughout our social media channels?

So it is our responsibility that none of the participants go back home without a reasonable number of photos to recall the thrilling activities and experiences we spent together.

Other than that, we are responsible for all the stickers, bags, shirts and the typical marketing supplies that will hopefully remind you of this time. Oh, and did I mention the photos?

Although I have only lived in Mannheim for a few months so far, I already got to know the benefits that the city offers – regarding both the academic and cultural program as well as the night life – and I am really looking forward to sharing that with you.

To give you a little insight in my personal interests: I spend a good part of my time with sports and travelling. One of my highlight so far was an exchange year I spend at an American high school. Getting to know people from all places around the world and various cultural backgrounds has become a very precious matter to me and I am very excited to have this opportunity combined with interesting academic discourses, lectures and presentations – but who am I telling that?

What makes it even better is knowing that there is such an amazing OC behind this ELSA Summer Law school, so I am sure you won’t miss out on anything during that week!

I’m looking forward to welcoming you this summer!


Hey, my name is Alisa Auth and I just started studying business law in Mannheim.

Even though I haven’t been in Mannheim for a long time I’ve already made great “ELSA-friends” and decided to take on responsibility for the logistics organization of the ELSA summer law school for Banking and Finance 2018.

I enjoy traveling and love to meet people from all nations and countries. I especially enjoy showing people around in Germany. Together, with the rest of my team, we’ll make sure we have a fantastic week with lots of fun together!

In case you should ever get lost while you’re here, I’m more than happy to turn into a personal guide!

I look forward to seeing you this summer!

Sabine Repp

Hey! My name is Sabine and I am 21 years old.

I just started my studies in Business Law in Mannheim last September. This is why I am a newbie in ELSA. But since the beginning I was interested in ELSA and immediately became a member.

For me it was very important to be an active member in ELSA Mannheim and this is why I decided to be part of the ELSA summer Law School on Banking and Finance 2018. As I see this event as a great opportunity to show my commitment as an ELSA member.

Therefore, I am really happy that I am going to be participating in the areas of Logistics and Catering.

Although I moved from my home town to Mannheim just recently, I have already discovered some nice restaurants. Therefore, I am really excited to be responsible for the catering during your stay in this interesting city!

Last but not least, I hope I could give you some insights about myself and about my motivation to be part of the ELSA Law School organising committee. I am really looking forward to meeting all of you guys and I am pretty sure that we will have an amazing week together with new ELSA acquaintances, great conversations and especially the opportunity of expanding our knowledge about the topic of Banking and Finance.

Alisha Morell


my name is Alisha Morell. I’m 20 years old and last year I moved from a small town in Baden-Württemberg to Langen in Hessen to study in the exciting and multilayered city of Frankfurt am Main.

I’ve never organized or even participated in an ELSA Law School before. But motivated by my activities as Director for Digitalization in my local group since last year, I decided to collect the experience of being part of the organization-committee of a Law School, which is fortunately in our city, and getting to know interesting people from different countries and areas.

My current tasks as a Director also included the coordination of our annual Christmas celebration and waffle booth. In association with that – and because I like food – I applied for the task of planning the catering. As „Assistant for Catering “ I want to choose restaurants that are worth seeing and hopefully provide a taste-adventure for everyone. But my main aim is, that nobody will be hungry or thirsty, but instead everybody is satisfied and full of energy for our upcoming events.

I hope you have a good time with our ELSA Summer Law School on Banking and Finance! I’m looking forward to meeting you this summer!